GDPR for US Companies 2018 - Compliance, Checklist, Fines, Requirements & More!

This week I did a quick video on GDPR, since it is going into effect on Friday. For most in the US or Canada, nothing is going to change – the companies you use to track and store data are changing to comply (Google, Facebook, etc). What you have to worry about is personal data storage and collection from your website- even if you don’t interact with EU citizens or businesses. Google will be watching websites and hurting (or possibly completely removing your site) search rankings.

GDPR Notes:
  • What does GDPR stand for: General Data Protection Regulation
  • Becomes enforceable May 25th, 2018
  • It is new EU legislation covering data protection and privacy for EU citizens, and it applies to all companies offering goods or services to people in the EU.
Why This Matters for US & Canadian Businesses:

If you collect data on EU citizens or businesses, or have European clients, the EU can still fine you. Even if you don’t have EU clients or ties, Google and other tech companies have to comply with these rules. So they will be pushing these rules onto companies and users in the United States and Canada as well. If you don’t follow along, Google is going to kick you off of their platform and hide you from showing up on their search results.

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GDPR Checklist:

  • How does your business and website communicate with the user about their data and your use of it?
  • Do you tell users the purpose of data collections and specific data being collected?
  • Are you getting specific, clearly written consent from all users and on all platforms you use?
  • Are you properly recording every users preferences and consents?
  • Are you prepared to show prove with evidence to regulators, partners, and companies like Google that you have met all GDPR requirements?
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