Voice Search Optimization

Learn the future of voice and mobile search

How people search is changing at a breakneck pace. Where it used to be commonplace for someone to sit down on their computer and type in a query on Google, today we see this happening less and less. 

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Platforms for Voice


- Alexa

Amazon is known for its Alexa series of smart speakers – Amazon Echo, as well as their Fire product line with Alexa installed

Powered by both Bing search engine and internal Amazon coding, though I believe Amazon will move towards its own search functionality in the future.


- Google Assistant

AKA Google Voice, Google Assistant, OK Google

Google has the most access to users, with installation on basically all Android devices, Google Home speakers, and an open API gearing towards future growth. They also have the added advantage of the data treasure trove from their search engine, which will allow them to track trends and create a stronger AI.

Powered by Google


- Siri

Siri is Apple’s virtual assitant who helps you out on all of their platforms and products.

Siri’s online search uses Google


- Cortona

Cortona is Microsoft’s virtual assistant. She powers all windows voice search, as well as Xbox. Though the smallest of the platforms, expect her to grow as Microsoft expands into the VR and Augmented Reality sphere

Powered by Bing


There are a few smaller, more niche platforms out there. These are mostly built off the API of one of the above platforms.

The largest niche platform is probably Sonos, which currently uses Alexa (Amazon) by default, but can also support integration with Google. Expect more smart integration with other household products in the future, each picking and choosing one of the big 4 platforms.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are a new addition to Google where they pick a small “snippet” and add it to the top. These range from answers to a question, to sports scores and standings, to videos and diagrams. 

These snippets are based around longtail keywords, which are targeted in any SEO strategy.

Local Search

Voice search once again transitions Google and Bing towards the local landscape. By integrating within their ecosystem, you can become the first result when a potential client or customer asks a question. These could be something like “What pizza shops are close by” or “Where is the closest hospital” or “Where can I find a drunk driving lawyer”.

To get the best results, make sure you are listed on local search listings, especially Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, and Yelp.

Natural speech searches

With voice search comes  a change in what people are actually searching for. It turns out that the words and phrases people use in voice search are much more organic and natural than how we type into a search bar. With this comes re-targeting for new keywords and topic ideas.