Reddit Marketing 2019 Strategy and Tips

Reddit Growth Hacking: Using Reddit as a Marketing Platform

Reddit Marketing Strategy for 2019

This is a recording of a talk “Reddit Growth Hacking” I gave about Reddit Marketing and Reddits Ads at Detroit Startup Week 2019 on Monday June 17th 2019.

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Additonal Talk Notes and Links

External tools, programs and extensions

RES – Reddit Enhancement Suite

  • community-driven unofficial browser extension for Reddit
  • Available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera
  • Adds a lot of extra features to browsing Reddit

A bunch of stats websites

  • See top users, search users, and track users Karma overtime – just for fun, not too useful

  • See Subreddit subscriber numbers, growth, and activity

  • Best free User stat and post search
  • Can also track posts
  • Create visualizations like word clouds and interaction charts

Reddit Phrase and Keyword Tracking Tools

  • Free Keyword Tracking Tool
  • Limited in scope

  • Freemium Keyword Tracking Tool
  • Better than f5bot if you pay for it

  • Basic Phrase Tracking Campaigns
  • Too Expensive

Post Scheduler Tools (Recommend Cronnit)

  • FREE
  • Very easy to use

  • Expensive for what it is
  • Will recommend best posting time and x-post suggestions


later for reddit

Other Tools

  • Reddit data and tools for you to make whatever you want – need some coding or dev background of course!

  • Cool Subreddit where you can request stats on other subreddits and users

  • Let’s you know the best time to post on a specific subreddit

Reddit Pay Per Click Ads

  • Learn more about Reddit Ads and keep up with updates as they release

  • Purchase Reddit PPC Ads here

First off, there have been a ton of updates to Reddit PPC Ads this past year (and more in the past 2) – 

  • updated experience for creating Reddit Ads campaigns. 
    • Set the objective of your campaign
    • Organize your advertising with Ad Groups – instead of campaign jarble, lots more sectioning
  • Reddit Redesign – the website of Reddit got more modern and sleaker – and they put in more ads
      • Also goes along with mobile better
      • Promoted posts are now in feed
      • Still don’t see ads if you pay for Reddit gold
  • Can now target by device (mobile vs desktop), then more detailed (all mobile, Android, iOS)
  • Reddit profiles became much more important and a thing – will grow in importance over time, reddit is currently pushing the new follow user feature and expect that trend to continue
  • Introduced call to action buttons
  • They added in native video ads
  • Advertisers can now archive and delete campaigns, ad groups, and ads
  • ​NEW Conversion Pixel & Improved the attribution types and windows

Examples of Good Reddit Users:

Subreddit Examples:

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