Do SEO before Pay-Per-Click Ads

Last Friday, I met with an attorney who was looking to expand his presence and gain new clients through online marketing. One of the first things he inquired about was an advertising campaign through Google’s AdWords. Now mind you, this was our first meeting, and his website was not up to all the SEO standards. This is a mistake I see many people getting lured into.


94% of all people who search on Google do not click on the ads. You are then missing out on such a large percent of your potential clients. People understand that those ads are paid for and 54% actually avoid clicking ads because they do not trust them! Instead will scroll passed the three ads and look at google’s organic results. SEO is how we work together to make your website one of the top organic results.

Even if a client DOES lands on your website through an ad, they are still going to inspect your site before deciding to contact you. For example, if your landing page looks like it’s from 10 years ago, they’re going to be out of there in no time. If there’s no content to make you look like a competent lawyer, they aren’t going to stay. The potential client is going to go to the next link down, a firm who has a beautiful layout, a full page of testimonials, welcoming video, and in depth explanation of how they are going to get this client out of a pickle.

When you go through proper SEO techniques, this leads to a fundamentally different website. There are more productive pathways to getting online traffic through organic local search results than paying for AdWords. For example, when you reach out to past and present clients and ask them for an online review, or when you grind out 20 minutes to write an additional blog post. Once all the other pieces of the puzzle fall in place, then if you want buy up the ad space. Then when your potential clients arrive at your website, they read the in depth explanation of the your expertise, they see positive testimonials, and a great blog that may already answer their very question. These little alteration will lead them to choose you as their attorney.

Start with the little things like putting in 10 minutes a day sprucing up your website. Once that’s good to go, feel free to put up an advertisement to rake in an extra client or two.

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