The truth is, blogging sucks. You need to do it week in, week out. Whether you’re sick or busy or out of the country.

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I personally have been setting the goal of getting out one post a week. I know I tell my clients how much blogging is necessary, but I feel like I’m constantly paying more attention to their sites then my own (probably a good thing, actually). I’m currently taking baby steps to work toward the goal of 3 posts a week. That should be the eventual goal of your firm’s site as well.

It always feels like a lot of work for nothing. I’m constantly writing down blog ideas. The hardest part ends up being the actual writing of the post itself. I’ve got this list of ideas, but it seems hard to make them come to fruition. In my head there’s always something better to be doing; some voice telling me how another blog already covered this topic to death (and probably better).

But then I step back and think of the Emerson quote, “Do the thing, and you shall have the power.” I had first read this quote in Olson’s book The Slight Edge. What it means is, by just thinking of things nothing happens. Just by getting out there and doing a blog, something may happen. And by doing blog after blog after blog, consistently week in and week out, something has started. For the first few months, maybe only one or two people (hi mom!) are reading your blog. But as you get better at writing blog posts, as you write more frequently, and with longer, more in depth topics, you could begin to build a small following. And with a few months of blogging behind you, you can even use that as a resume to ask for guest slots on other blogs or small news outlets.

What does this mean for an attorney? This means that though at first it feels like you are spending a wasted hour a week kicking out those two blog posts, you’re building a slow but steadily growing knowledge pool for potential clients. This allows more linking inside your website, and eventually you hit gold with a good post that gets backlinked from an outside website! Also, while browsing online communities such as Quora, Reddit, ect., you now have a large list of past articles written by you that you can link to theses sites, creating web traffic back to yours.

With all this in mind, get writing. Next time you’re about to sit down and flip aimlessly through the TV, instead put in a quick 5 minute topic brainstorm, session and compile as many topics as you can. After that, continuously add to this list and give ten minutes a day to working on a topic or two. Before you know it, you will have a continuous roll out on your website, and grow your reputation in the online world of legal marketing.

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