What are Keywords?

Keywords are – get this – key phrases or words on your website that make it easier for people and search engines to determine the topic of your content, page, or post. Basically imagine them as the words or phrases people type into Google.

Lucky for you I also did a basic webinar on Keywords and Keyword research! You can watch the recording of the webinar.

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Two Types of Keywords

Generally speaking, there are two types of keywords: traditional keywords and longtail keywords. Traditional keywords are the old school, more generic one or two word term, and are about as broad as you can get. Longtail keywords are more niche and, as you would expect, longer queries that are made of multiple words and phrases. Longtail keywords are generally what you are aiming for at the conclusion of keyword research.

4 Steps of Keyword Research

These are the super simplified 4 steps that go into choosing a keyword:

  1. Generate keyword ideas
  2. Once you have general ideas, research more specific longtail keywords
  3. Now compare competing keywords
  4. Implement these keywords into content

Keyword Research Platforms

Best Sites to Get Keyword Ideas From

To start any keyword research, you need to create a list of keyword ideas. To generate this list, you have to do some searching.

To do this, you need to think like your potential customer or client. Where do they go? What are they looking for?

Some great places to search are:

  • Google – (just try typing in a word in the search bar and see what else pops up)
  • Reddit – There are endless subreddits for every niche imaginable – go there and see what real people are talking about and asking
  • Quora – Quora.com is a question and answer website that you can use to find exactly what questions your audience is asking
  • Wikipedia – For those truly out of ideas, just go to a topic page on Wikipedia, then check out the links in the first two paragraphs and in the page’s table of contents for ideas
  • Niche forums or blogs – If there are notable blogs or forums in your niche, these are amazing areas to get ideas from!

Narrow Down the Field

Once you have a list of possibly keyword ideas, you need to narrow it down to choose what to focus in on. This is when the research goes from general to statistics and numbers.