Rank Higher than Your Competitors on Google in 2018

This video will cover local competitive analysis and what to do afterwards.

Rank Higher than Your Competitors on Google 2018 – Check out the recording of my webinar on how to Research and Beat Other Business in your Niche on Google and Bing through proven techniques

This webinar will focus on checking on your competition online – see who is beating you on Google and Bing in rankings, as well as other local search functions like Google Maps. Then we will go on how you can target them to create a better online profile that will beat them in search.

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Basic Strategy:
If you are just starting out doing competitive analysis and are at the local level, I would recommend using Google’s Keyword Planning tool to get a good idea of Keywords, then using a Private Mode/ Incognito mode on your browser and just Googling different search results and see who pops up and where you rank. Then you can start to use more in depth tools.

More in depth tools:
To identify competitors: Alexa Top Sites, SimilarWeb Websites Ranking & Sites Profile.

To identify keywords: SEMRush for keyword data, SuggestMrx (you can also use Ubersuggest or SEOchat Suggestion Keyword Finder) to gather Google suggestions for your keywords.

To identify rankings: Authority labs, Positionly, Advanced Web Ranking, among others.

To identify popularity: The Moz SEO Toolbar SERP overlay view, OpenSiteExplorer, CognitiveSEO Backlink Explorer and MajesticSEO for link related data and easy to develop popularity analysis.

To identify page optimization: Moz On-Page Grader, SEOchat’s Page Comparison tool and Web page SEO analysis tool for a quick on page content optimization analysis.

To semi-automatize the process: There are tools that have already automatized some of the phases in the process that can help you to advance faster: Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERPs analysis tool, SERPIQ, SEMRush Keyword Difficulty Tool.

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