Facebook and Instagram Ads Tutorial

Everyone here to learn about Facebook and it’s money making machine – But how do you actually use their seemingly complicated programs to gain new business?

Join me as I go over how to set up your Facebook Ad account, the basics of running an ad campaign, the differences in types of ads (Facebook vs Instagram, Mobile vs Computer, etc), targeting and Facebook’s AI, and tracking these conversions through your website.

Topics in this Webinar:
  • Why Facebook?
  • What Type of Ads work best on Facebook
  • Instagram Ad Integration
  • What you need:
    • Facebook account
    • Facebook page
    • Facebook ad account
  • Implement the Facebook Pixel onto your website
  • Three levels of ads:
    • Ad→ Ad Set→ Campaigns
  • How to Create the actual Ads
  • Main points to consider while creating an ad:
    • Your Budget
    • Your Return on Investment
    • Selecting Audience to target
    • Selecting Placement
  • Do not forget to have a funnel ready to go on your website already!
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Additional Links

Facebook Ads Link to start out: https://www.facebook.com/business/products/ads

Facebook Pixel Info: https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-ads-pixel

Pixel Cat Plugin for WP- https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-conversion-pixel/ – This plugin is great to easily install the Facebook Pixel onto your website if you use WordPress

If you need to know how to do keyword research check out this webinar here: